Core Curriculum – General Studies Course Listing

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  1. Freshman Composition
  2. Foreign Language
  3. Computer Science
  4. Humanities, Literature & Fine Arts
  5. History & Social and Behavioral Sciences
  6. Natural Science & Mathematics
  7. Writing
Freshman Composition (FC)
Subject Number Class Name Type
EN 101 English Composition I FC
EN 102 English Composition II FC
EN 103 Advanced English Composition FC
EN 104 English Composition BUI FC
EN 120 English Composition I for Non-Native Speakers FC
EN 121 English Composition II for Non-Native Speakers FC
Humanities (HU), Literature (L) and Fine Arts (FA)
  Subject Number Class Name Type
* AAST 249 African American Literature HU or L
  AMS 150 Introduction to American Studies: Arts and Values HU
  AMS 151 Introduction to American Studies: Globalization, Nationalism, and Regionalism HU
* AMS 203 Introduction to Southern Studies HU
* AMS 204 Introduction to Western American Studies HU
  AMS 205 Dirty Jobs HU
* AMS 231 Contemporary America HU
  AMS 232 Contemporary America in Music HU
  ARH 151 Introduction to the Visual Arts FA
  ARH 252 Survey of Art I FA
  ARH 253 Survey of Art II FA
  ARH 254 Survey of Art III FA
* ART 251 Reboot/Remix FA or HU
* BUI 101 Foundations: Origins HU
* CHI 101 Elementary Chinese I HU
* CHI 102 Elementary Chinese II HU
* CHI 201 Intermediate Chinese I HU
* CHI 202 Intermediate Chinese II HU
* CIP 200 Introduction to Global Studies HU
  CL 222 Greek and Roman Mythology HU
  COM 100 Rhetoric and Society HU
  COM 121 Honors Critical Decision Making HU
  COM 122 Critical Decision Making HU
  COM 123 Public Speaking HU
* COM 155 Freshman Seminar HU
  COM 210 Oral Interpretation of Literature HU
* EN 155 Freshman Seminar FA
  EN 205 English Literature I HU or L
  EN 206 English Literature II HU or L
  EN 207 World Literature I HU or L
  EN 208 World Literature II HU or L
  EN 209 American Literature I HU or L
  EN 210 American Literature II HU or L
  EN 215 Honors English Literature I HU or L
  EN 216 Honors English Literature II HU or L
  EN 219 Honors American Literature I HU or L
  EN 220 Honors American Literature II HU or L
* EN 249 African American Literature HU or L
  FA 200 Introduction to Fine Arts FA
  FR 101 Elementary French I HU
  FR 102 Elementary French II HU
  FR 103 French First Year Review HU
  FR 201 Intermediate French I HU
  FR 202 Intermediate French II HU
  GN 101 Elementary German I HU
  GN 102 Elementary German II HU
* GN 103 Accelerated Elementary German I HU
  GN 201 Intermediate German I HU
  GN 202 Intermediate German II HU
  GN 260 The Holocaust in Film and Literature HU
* GN 264 German Literature in Translation I HU or L
* GN 265 German Literature in Translation II HU or L
  GR 101 Beginning Greek I HU
  GR 102 Beginning Greek II HU
  IT 101 Introductory Italian I HU
  IT 102 Introductory Italian II HU
  IT 201 Intermediate Italian I HU
  IT 202 Intermediate Italian II HU
* JA 101 Elementary Japanese I HU
* JA 102 Elementary Japanese II HU
* JA 201 Intermediate Japanese I HU
* JA 202 Intermediate Japanese II HU
  JN 200 Introduction to Journalism HU
  LA 101 Elementary Latin I HU
  LA 102 Elementary Latin II HU
  LA 201 Intermediate Latin Reading I HU
  LA 202 Intermediate Latin Reading II HU
  MUS 121 Introduction to Listening FA
  MUS 250 Music in World Cultures FA
* NEW 155 Freshman Seminar HU
  NEW 211 Humanities I: Perspectives HU
  NEW 212 Humanities I: Creativity HU or FA
  NEW 215 Humanities I: Perspectives in Environmental Studies HU
  PHL 100 Introduction to Philosophy HU
* PHL 104 Critical Thinking HU
  PHL 191 Honors Introduction to Philosophy HU
  PHL 211 Ancient Philosophy HU
  PHL 212 Early Modern Philosophy HU
* PHL 215 American Philosophy HU
  PHL 221 Honors Introduction to Ethics HU
  PHL 223 Medical Ethics HU
  PHL 230 Political Philosophy HU
  PHL 234 Social Philosophy HU
  PHL 240 Philosophy and the Law HU
  PHL 241 Philosophical Issues in Criminal Law HU
  PHL 242 Philosophical Issues in Civil Law HU
  PHL 243 Philosophical Issues in Constitutional Law HU
  PHL 256 Philosophy of Sport HU
* PHL 260 Mind and Nature HU
  PHL 264 Introduction to Metaphysics HU
  PHL 281 Introduction to Philosophy of Religion HU
* PHL 291 Aesthetics FA
  PHL 292 Introduction to Ethics HU
  REL 100 Introduction to Religions Studies HU
  REL 101 Western Approaches to the Problem of Evil HU
  REL 102 Religions of the World HU
* REL 105 Honors Introduction to Religious Studies HU
  REL 110 Introduction to Hebrew Bible HU
  REL 112 Introduction to the New Testament HU
  REL 220 Survey of Asian Religions HU
  REL 224 Introduction to Judaism HU
  RUS 101 Elementary Russian I HU
  RUS 102 Elementary Russian II HU
  RUS 201 Intermediate Russian I HU
  RUS 202 Intermediate Russian II HU
  RUS 223 19th Century Russian Literature in Translation HU or L
  RUS 224 Modern Russian Literature in Translation HU or L
  RUS 252 Russian Folklore HU or L
  SP 101 Introductory Spanish I HU
  SP 102 Introductory Spanish II HU
  SP 103 Intensive Review Introductory Spanish HU
* SP 104 Spanish for Engineering HU
  SP 201 Intermediate Spanish I HU
  SP 202 Intermediate Spanish II HU
  TCF 112 Motion Picture History and Criticism HU or FA
  TCF 155 Freshman Seminar HU
  TH 114 Introduction to Theatre FA
  UH 101 Survey: Values and Society HU
  UH 106 The Idea of a University HU
* UH 155 Freshman Seminar HU
  UH 201 Classics and Western Culture I HU
  UH 202 Classics and Eastern Culture HU
* UH 203 Classic and Western Culture II HU
* UH 210 Honors Fine Arts FA
  UH 331 Save First: Poverty in America HU
  UH 332 Bridge Builders of Alabama HU
  UH 333 Every Move Counts ChessED Project HU
  UH 334 Documenting Justice I HU
  UH 335 Documenting Justice II HU
  UH 350 Black Belt Experience HU
  WL 207 World Literature I HU or L
  WL 208 World Literature II HU or L
  WL 223 19th Century Russian Literature in Translation HU or L
  WL 224 20th Century Russian Literature in Translation HU or L
  WS 200 Introductory to Women Studies HU

* UA Only - not currently a State-wide (AGSC) approved core course

Natural Science (N) and Mathematics (MA)
  Subject Number Class Name Type
  AEM 120 Aerospace Science for Educators N
  AY 101&102 Introduction to Astronomy and Lab N
  AY 203 Observational Astronomy N
  AY 204 Frontiers Solar System Astronomy N
  AY 206 Astronomy Beyond the Solar System N
  BSC 108 Introductory Biology for Non-Majors I N
  BSC 109 Introductory Biology for Non-Majors II N
  BSC 114&115 Principles of Biology I & lab N
  BSC 116&117 Principles of Biology II & lab N
  BSC 118 Honors General Biology I N
  BSC 120 Honors General Biology II N
  CE 270 Climate Change: European Alps N
  CH 101 General Chemistry I N
  CH 102 General Chemistry II N
  CH 104 Introductory Chemistry N
  CH 105 Introductory Organic Chemistry N
  CH 117 Honors General Chemistry I N
  CH 118 Honors General Chemistry II N
  CSM 116 Quantitative Methods of Finance MA
  GEO 101 The Dynamic Earth N
  GEO 102 The Earth Through Time N
  GEO 104 Hazardous Earth N
  GEO 105 Sustainable Earth N
  GY 101 Atmospheric Processes and Patterns N
  GY 102 Earth Surface Processes N
  MATH 110 Finite Mathematics MA
  MATH 112 Precalculus Algebra MA
  MATH 113 Precalculus Trigonometry MA
  MATH 115 Precalculus Algebra and Trigonometry MA
  MATH 121 Calculus and Applications MA
  MATH 125 Calculus I MA
  MATH 126 Calculus II MA
  MATH 145 Honors Calculus I MA
  MATH 146 Honors Calculus II MA
  MATH 227 Calculus III MA
  MATH 237 Applied Matrix Theory MA
  MATH 238 Applied Differential Equations I MA
  MATH 247 Honors Calculus III MA
* MTE 155 Freshman Seminar N
  NEW 243 Natural Science I Lab Experience N
  PH 101 General Physics I N
  PH 102 General Physics II N
  PH 105 General Physics with Calculus I N
  PH 106 General Physics with Calculus II N
  PH 115 Descriptive Physics for Non-Science Majors N
  PH 125 Honor General Physics with Calculus I N
  PH 126 Honor General Physics with Calculus II N
  PH 253&255 Introduction to Modern Physics N

* UA Only - not currently a State-wide (AGSC) approved core course

History (HI) and Behavioral Sciences (SB)
  Subject Number Class Name Type
  AAST 201 Intro to African American Studies SB
  AHE 155 Freshman Seminar SB
  AMS 155 Freshman Seminar SB
  AMS 201 Intro to African American Studies SB
  ANT 100 Introduction to Anthropology SB
  ANT 102 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology SB
  ANT 103 Discoveries in Archaeology SB
* ANT 155 Freshman Seminar SB
* BUI 102 Foundation: Possibilities SB
  CE 220 Society Infrastructure & Environment SB
  CJ 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice SB
  COM 101 Principles of Human Communication SB
  COM 220 Interpersonal Communication SB
  EC 110 Principles of Microeconomics SB
  EC 111 Principles of Macroeconomics SB
  GES 225 Impacts of Major Engineering Accomplishments SB
  GY 105 World Regional Geography SB
  GY 110 Principles of Human Geography SB
* GY 155 Freshman Seminar SB
  HD 101 Life Span Human Development SB
* HD 155 Freshman Seminar SB
  HY 101 Western Civilization to 1648 HI
  HY 102 Western Civilization since 1648 HI
  HY 103 American Civilization to 1865 HI
  HY 104 American Civilization since 1865 HI
  HY 105 Honors Western Civilization to 1648 HI
  HY 106 Honors Western Civilization since 1648 HI
  HY 107 Honors American Civilization to 1865 HI
  HY 108 Honors American Civilization since 1865 HI
  HY 111 Colonial Latin America HI
  HY 112 Modern Latin America HI
  HY 113 History of Asia to 1400 HI
  HY 114 History of Asia since 1400 HI
* IHP 105 Culture and Human Experience SB
* IHP 155 Honors Freshman Seminar SB
  MC 101 Mass Communication SB
  NEW 237 Social Science I - Cooperation and Conflict SB
* NEW 238 Honors Social Science I SB
  NEW 273 Social Science I SB
  NUR 155 Freshman Seminar SB
  PSC 101 Introduction to American Politics SB
  PY 101 Introduction to Psychology SB
  PY 105 Honors Intro to Psychology SB
  PY 155 Creativity SB
  SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology SB
  SOC 202 Analysis of Social Problems SB
  SPE 100 Exceptional Lives in Society SB
  SW 155 Freshman Seminar SB
  SW 200 History of Social Welfare in the U.S. HI
  SW 205 Honors History of Social Welfare in the U.S. HI
  SW 210 Family and Child Welfare SB
  SW 212 Death, Dying and Bereavement SB
  UH 105 Honors Mentoring SB
  UH 204 Classics & African Culture SB
* UA Only - not currently a State-wide (AGSC) approved core course
Computer Science (C)
Subject Number Class Name Type
AC 289 Computer Applications C
AC 389 Accounting Information Systems, Operation Control C
AEM 349 Engineering Analysis C
AEM 461 Computational Methods for Aerospace Structures C
AEM 468 Dynamics of Flight C
BSC 380 Intro Stats Biology C
CAT 200 Computer Education Applications C
CAT 250 Computer Education: Curriculum Development C
CBH 102 Computer Based Honors C
CBH 201 Computer Based Honors C
CE 401 Civil Engineering Project – Site Development C
CE 403 Civil Engineering Project – Building Design C
CHE 255 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics C
CHE 305 Separation Processes C
CHE 324 Transport Phenomena C
CS 202 Intro Information Highway C
CS 205 Web Site Design C
CS 220 Business Programming II C
CS 250 Programming II C
CS 260 Foundations of Computer Science C
CS 285 Microcomputer Applications II C
CS 302 Computerized Database Systems C
CS 340 Legal & Ethical Issues in Computer Science C
CS 345 Adv. Legal & Ethical Issues C
CS 350 Programming III: Java C
CS 351 Programming III: C++ C
CS 357 Data Structures C
CS 360 Data Structures & Algorithms C
CS 385 Prototyping in Visual Environment C
CS 466 Information Systems C
CSE 401 Computers in Secondary Mathematics C
CSE 476 Improving Science Teaching C
CSE 479 Teaching Secondary School English C
CSE 487 Teaching Secondary School Social Science C
CSE 489 Clinical Experience in Secondary Education C
CSM 441 Consumer Communications C
CSM 445 Microcomputer Applications in Consumer Science C
CSM 447 Digital Tools C
CSM 458 Personal Financial Planning C
CTD 255 Computer Applications for Interior Design C
CTD 427 Adv Comp. Applications Design C
EC 413 Economic Forecast and Analysis C
ECE 370 Signals and Systems C
ECE 383 Microcomputers C
FI 389 Computerized Management Information Systems C
GY 330 Computerized Mapping and Graphics C
GY 420 Remote Sensing I C
GY 430 Introductory Geographic Information Systems C
GY 435 Remote Sensing II C
GY 436 Advanced Geographic Information Systems C
GY 438 Appliation Issues in GIS C
MAP 321 Communication and Collaboration I C
MAP 322 Communication and Collaboration II C
ME 349 Engineering Analysis C
ME 372 Dynamic Systems C
MKT 385 Marketing Information Systems C
NUR 309 Nursing Informatics C
NUR 319 Nursing Informatics for RNs C
OM 385 Information Technology for Operations Management C
OM 420 Computer Simulation C
ST 260 Statistical Data Analysis C

**six semester hours required, except for students who satisfy the two-semester foreign language requirement**

Foreign Language (FL)
Subject Number Class Name Type
ARB 101/102 Elementary Arabic FL
CHI 101/102 Elementary Chinese FL
CROA 101/102 Elementary Croatian FL
CZE 101/102 Elementary Czech FL
DUT 101/102 Elementary Dutch FL
FR 101/102 Elementary French FL
FR 103 French First Year Review FL
FRS 101/102 Elementary Farsi FL
GN 101/102 Elementary German FL
GN 103 Accelerated Elementary German FL
GR 101/102 Elementary Greek FL
HEB 101/102 Elementary Hebrew FL
HIN 101/102 Elementary Hindi FL
INDO 101/102 Elementary Indonesian FL
IT 101/102 Elementary Italian FL
JA 101/102 Elementary Japanese FL
KOR 101/102 Elementary Korean FL
LA 101/102 Elementary Latin FL
MDGR 101/102 Elementary Modern Greek FL
NOR 101 Elementary Norwegian FL
POL 101/102 Elementary Polish FL
POR 101/102 Elementary Portuguese FL
RUS 101/102 Elementary Russian FL
SAN 101/102 Elementary Sanskrit FL
SP 101/102 Elementary Spanish FL
SP 103 Intensive Review Introductory Spanish FL
* SP 104 Spanish for Engineering FL
SWA 101/102 Elementary Swahili FL
SWED 101/102 Elementary Swedish FL
THAI 101/102 Elementary Thai FL
TURK 101/102 Elementary Turkish FL
URDU 101 Elementary Urdu FL
VIET 101/102 Elementary Vietnamese FL

* UA Only - not currently a State-wide (AGSC) approved core course

Students must earn a grade of "C" or higher in the first semester course of a two- semester sequence before enrolling in the second course. Students with two or more high school units of a foreign language will be assigned to foreign language courses by the foreign language advisers on the basis of placement test scores. Students placed into FR 103, SP 103 or intermediate courses (FR 201, SP 201) will satisfy this requirement in one semester. Students can also satisfy the foreign language requirement through the CLEP examination program. For details about advanced placement or credit by examination, consult the appropriate language department.

Non-native speakers of English may fulfill the foreign language requirement by qualifying for enrollment in freshman composition (EN 120, EN 121, or EN 101) based on results of The University of Alabama administered English Proficiency Examination, or by having credit for successful completion of EN 101 from a regionally accredited U.S institution. This process merely satisfies the requirement and does not result in the award of credit hours.

Writing (W)
Subject Number Class Name Type
AAST 413 Communication and Diversity W
AAST 415 African American Rhetoric W
AEM 451 Structural Design and Testing W
AEM 495 Senior Seminar W
AMS 335 American Pop Music W
AMS 340 Women in the South W
AMS 407 Landscapes of the South W
AMS 412 On The Road W
AMS 421 Writer and Artist in America W
AMS 422 Popular Culture in America W
AMS 429 America between the Wars W
AMS 439 Urban Spaces W
AMS 445 The "Good War" W
AMS 446 Gender and Environment W
AMS 465 Fictions of American Identity W
AMS 476 Constructing the American Revolution W
ANT 319 Ancient New World Civilizations W
ANT 402 Gender, Ethnicity and Health W
ANT 405 Culture, Mind and Behavior W
ANT 408 Ancient Mexican Civilization W
ANT 411 Culture, Health and Healing W
ANT 412 People of Europe W
ANT 413 Peoples of Latin America W
ANT 419 Myth, Ritual, and Magic W
ANT 440 Culture W
ANT 444 Anthropology and Cemeteries W
ANT 475 Human Adaptability W
ANT 476 Nutritional Anthropology W
APR 322 Advertising copywriting W
APR 332 Public Relations Writing W
APR 415 Online Magazine Writing W
APR 423 Advertising Management W
APR 432 Public Relations Management W
ARH 368 Early Renaissance Art W
ARH 371 Baroque Art in Southern Europe W
ARH 373 Baroque Art in Northern Europe W
ARH 377 American Painting & Sculpture W
ARH 378 Art of the African Diaspora W
ARH 400 Photographic Discourse W
ART 309 Navigating the Art World W
ATR 458 Seminar in Athlete Training W
AY 433 Astronomical Techniques W
BSC 313 General Bacteriology Lab W
BSC 320 Freshwater Studies W
BSC 360 Plant Biology W
BSC 376 Invertebrate Zoology W
BSC 399 Undergraduate Research W
BSC 412 Limnology W
BSC 428 Biology of Fishes W
BSC 432 Pathogenic Microbiology Lab W
BSC 433 Microbial Diversity W
BSC 436 Immunology Laboratory W
BSC 448 Animal Behavior W
BSC 449 Endocrinology W
BSC 464 Biology of Algae W
BSC 471 Plant Physiology W
BSC 472 Mycology W
BSC 475 General Entomology W
BSC 480 Plant Ecology W
BSC 493 Eukaryotic Cell Cycle Regulations W
CD 377 Clinical Practicum I: Speech W
CE 401 Civil Engineering Project – Site Development W
CE 403 Civil Engineering Project – Building Design W
CEE 370 Teaching Reading Elementary School W
CEE 478 Teaching Language Arts in Elementary School W
CH 338 Elementary Organic Chemistry Lab W
CH 348 Physical Chemistry Lab W
CH 424 Instrumental Analysis W
CH 463 Biochemistry Clinical, Forensic, Chemistry W
CHE 320 Unit Operations Laboratory W
CHE 482 Chemical Process Design II W
CHS 427 Health Policy and Planning W
CHS 442 Practical Issues in Behavioral Medicine W
CIE 480 Methods Teaching Foreign Languages W
CJ 306 History of Crime and Its Treatment W
CJ 483 Law & Society W
CL 350 Roman Religion W
COM 310 Rhetorical Criticism W
COM 341 Rhetoric and American Politics W
COM 342 Rhetoric of Social Protest W
COM 413 Communication and Diversity W
COM 415 African American Rhetoric W
COM 450 Advanced Organization Communication W
COM 463 Relational Communication W
COM 465 Intercultural Communication W
CRD 412 Improving Reading in the Secondary Schools W
CS 440 Ethical and Societal Issues W
CS 457 Data Base Management Systems W
CS 495 Capstone Computing W
CS 499 Undergraduate Thesis Research W
CSE 479 Teaching Secondary School English W
CSE 480 Teaching Secondary School Foreign Language W
CSE 483 Teaching Secondary School Mathematics W
CSE 486 Teaching Secondary School Science W
CSE 487 Teaching Secondary School Social Science W
CSM 401 Consumer Protection W
CSM 441 Consumer Communications W
CSM 447 Digital Tools W
CTD 353 Language of Design W
CTD 415 History of Textile Design W
CTD 422 History of Interiors II W
CTD 447 Textiles and Apparel in International Trade W
DNCA 470 History of Dance I W
DNCA 471 History of Dance II W
EC 410 Law and Economics W
EC 482 Seminar On Econ Issues W
ECE 332 Electronics I W
ECE 333 Electronics II W
EN 309 Advance Expository Writing W
EN 319 Technical Writing W
EN 411 Advance Studies in Comparative Multicultural Studies W
EN 422 Advance Studies in American Literature W
EN 433 Advance Studies in British Literature W
EN 444 Advance Studies in Literature Criticism/Theory W
EN 455 Advance Studies in Writing W
EN 466 Advance Studies in Linguistics W
EN 477 Advance Studies in Literature Genres W
EN 488 Advance Studies in African American Literature W
EN 499 Honors Seminar in Literature W
FR 321 Voices in French W
FR 323 Text Image and Word W
FR 341 Survey of French Literature I W
FR 351 Survey of French Literature II W
GBA 300 Business Communication W
GBA 490 Strategic Management W
GEO 401 Paleoclimatology W
GEO 416 Volcanology W
GEO 470 General Geochemistry W
GN 461 Advanced German Conversation and Composition I W
GN 462 Advanced German Conversation and Composition II W
GY 365 Industrial Development and Planning W
GY 440 Community Facility Planning W
GY 453 Environmental and Society W
GY 458 Urban Planning and Analysis W
HD 401 Cultural Influences in Children, Youth and Families W
HD 412 Adult Development W
HD 422 Administering Children's Centers and Programs W
HD 483 Methods Family Life Education W
HES 485 Self-Managed Mentoring W
HHE 378 Drug Awareness Education W
HY 393 British Empire and Commonwealth W
HY 400 Special Studies in History W
HY 409 American Revolution and New Nation W
HY 413 Mexican War through Civil War W
HY 424 American Thought before 1860 W
HY 425 American Thought Since 1860 W
HY 430 Undergraduate Research Seminar W
HY 432 Beyond Pocahontas W
HY 443 Renaissance W
HY 444 Reformation and Counter-Reformation W
HY 451 Early Modern Germany W
HY 474 Relations of U.S. and Latin America W
HY 481 War and Diplomacy in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe W
HY 482 War and Religion in the West W
HY 490 England under the Tudors W
HY 491 England under the Stuarts W
HY 493 Britain in 18th Century W
HY 494 Britain in the Victorian Age W
JA 356 Traditional Japanese Literature Translation W
JN 311 Reporting W
JN 312 Editing W
JN 315 Beat Reporting W
JN 411 Depth Reporting and Writing W
JN 412 Opinion Writing W
JN 415 Advance Magazine Writing W
KIN 468 Adapted Physical Education W
KIN 491 Sport, Exercise and Social Sciences W
MAP 331 Facilitating Learning W
MAP 332 Facilitating Learning W
MC 409 History of Mass Communication W
MC 413 Communication and Diversity W
MC 421 Political Communication W
MC 425 Media Management W
ME 360 Control and Instrumentation Components W
ME 460 Thermal Systems Instrumentation W
MTE 445 Materials Design Project W
MTE 481 Analysis Methods for Materials W
MUE 387 Elementary School Music Program W
MUS 307 Form and Analysis W
MUS 323 Music History III W
MUS 332 Experimental Music W
MUS 480 Music Therapy for Disturbed Adults and Children W
NEW 332 Experimental Music W
NEW 360 Sound Studies W
NEW 361 History of Electronic Music W
NEW 407 Landscapes of the South W
NEW 412 Songwriting Workshop W
NEW 415 Gender, Sexuality and Pop Culture W
NEW 416 American Environmental Thought W
NEW 418 Humanities II: Art Seminar W
NEW 436 Social Science II: Public Leadership W
NEW 439 Urban Spaces W
NEW 441 Climate Change and Public Perception W
NEW 442 Natural Science II W
NEW 446 Gender and Environment W
NEW 472 Social Science II: Social Change W
NEW 473 Social Science II: Globalization W
NEW 474 Social Science II: Survival W
NHM 454 Experimental Food Service W
NHM 491 Directed Professional Study W
NUR 308 Conceptual Foundations for Professional Nursing W
NUR 328 Introduction to Nursing Research W
NUR 329 Inquiry for Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing W
NUR 348 Role Transition in Baccalaureate Nursing W
NUR 522 Human Relations Management W
PH 405 Physics for Science Teachers W
PH 442 Quantum Structure of Matter II W
PH 491 Advanced Laboratory W
PHL 312 Contemporary Philosophy W
PHL 332 Theories of Justice W
PHL 333 Global Justice W
PHL 341 Law and Morality W
PHL 343 International Law W
PHL 360 Philosophy of Mind W
PHL 362 Philosophy of Language W
PHL 364 Philosophy of Cognitive Science W
PHL 366 Metaphysics W
PHL 370 Epistemology W
PHL 380 Special Studies in Philosophy W
PHL 381 Philosophy of Religion W
PHL 387 Philosophy and Evolution W
PHL 392 Special Topics in Philosophy (Writing Intensive) W
PHL 393 History of Philosophy (Writing Intensive) W
PHL 428 Metaethics W
PHL 440 Seminar on Law W
PHL 448 Philosophy of Law W
PHL 489 Philosophy of Medicine W
PSC 422 Senior Seminar in Political Science W
PSC 443 Comparative Public Policy W
PSC 444 International Organizations W
PSC 446 Political Economy of Security W
PY 379 Junior Honors Seminar W
PY 491 Seminar in Psychology W
REL 311 English Bible as Literature W
REL 415 Religion in the American South W
REL 419 Myth, Ritual and Magic W
REL 420 Gospel of Mark W
REL 430 Religion and Literature W
RHM 303 Managing for Quality in the Hospitality Industry W
RHM 377 Restaurant Management and Science W
RHM 420 Hospitality Marketing W
RHM 425 Risk Management Meetings & Events W
RUS 325 Dostoevsky W
RUS 326 Tolstoy W
RUS 329 Solzhenitsyn W
SOC 360 Sociology of HIV/AIDs W
SOC 444 Environmental Sociology W
SOC 450 Sociology of Law W
SOC 460 Body Politics W
SOC 470 Social Movements W
SP 375 Masterpieces of Spanish American Literature I W
SP 491 Cervantes W
SPE 302 Educational Diagnostic Measurement W
SPE 374 Parenting Children W
SW 351 Oppression & Social Injustice W
SW 355 Honors Oppression & Social Injustivce W
SW 401 Social Welfare Policy and Services W
SW 440 Social Work Practice with Individuals and Family W
TCF 310 Telecommunication Programming W
TCF 332 Broadcast News Fundamentals W
TCF 433 Broadcast News Analysis W
TCF 440 Seminar in America Cinema W
TH 451 History of the Theatre I W
TH 452 History of the Theatre II W
UH 300 Honors Special Topics Seminar W
WS 342 Women in the South W
WS 410 Essential Writings & Readings W
WS 430 Women in Contemporary Society W