Spring 2013 Deferred Exam Schedule


May 29- June 6, 2013

Examinations will be held at 2 p.m. according to the schedule below. Grades should be reported to The Office of The University Registrar through the online grade change system in myBama. Students should contact their instructors for information concerning where examinations will be given.


Wednesday, May 29

AAST African American Studies
AIL Instructional Leadership
BEF Educational Foundations
CE Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering
CHI Chinese
CJ Criminal Justice
CRL Critical Languages
CZE Czech
EDU Education Orientation
FI Finance
GES General Engineering Studies
HD Human Development & Family Studies
IBA International Business Administration
IT Italian
MDGR Modern Greek
MLC Modern Languages & Classics
MUS Music Academics
PHL Philosophy
SOC Sociology
TCF Telecommunication & Film
UH University Honors


Thursday, May 30

AC Accounting
AMS American Studies
AS Arts & Sciences
BEP Educational Psychology
CAT Educational Computer Technology
CL Classics
CS Computer Science
DN Dance
GN German
HEB Hebrew
JA Japanese
LGS Legal Studies
ME Mechanical Engineering
MS Marine Science
NEW New College
PY Psychology
SP Spanish
TH Theatre
VIET Vietnamese


Friday, May 31

AEL Educational Leadership
ANT Anthropology
ATR Athletic Training
BER Educational Research
CBH Computer Based Honors
CEE Elementary Education
CHS Community Health Sciences
CSE Secondary Education
DR Engineering Graphics
EN English
FR French
GR Greek
HES General Human & Environmental Sciences
IE Industrial Engineering
JN Journalism
LS Library Sciences
MGT Management
NHM Human Nutrition & Hospitality Management
REL Religious Studies
SPE Special Education
WL Comparative World Literature


Monday, June 3

AEM Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics
APR Advertising & Public Relations
AY Astronomy
BSC Biological Sciences
CIE Curriculum & Instruction
CSM Consumer Sciences
DUT Dutch
ENGR General Engineering
FRS Farsi
GS General Studies
HHE Health Education
IHP International Honors
KIN Kinesiology
MAP Multiple Abilities
MIL Military Science
MTE Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
POL Polish
RHM Restaurant & Hospitality Management
ST Statistics
TURK Turkish
WS Women's Studies


Tuesday, June 4

AFS Air Force Studies
ARB Arabic
BA Book Arts
BSP School Psychology
CH Chemistry
COM Communication Studies
EC Economics
GBA General Business Administration
GY Geography
HIN Hindi
INDO Indonesian
KOR Korean
MATH Mathematics
MIS Management Information Systems
MUA Applied Music
NUR Nursing
POR Portuguese
RL Romance Languages
SW Social Work


Wednesday, June 5

AHE Higher Education
ARH Art History
BCE Counselor Education
BUI Blount Undergraduate Initiative
CD Communicative Disorders
CHE Chemical & Biological Engineering
CIS Communication & Information Sciences
CRD Reading Education
CTD Clothing, Textiles & Interior Design
ECE Electrical & Computer Engineering
FA Fine Arts
GEO Geological Sciences
HCM Health Care Management
HY History
IS Information Sciences
LA Latin
MC Mass Communication
MKT Marketing
MUE Music Education
OM Operations Management
PH Physics
PSC Political Science
RUS Russian
SWA Swahili


Thursday, June 6

Conflicts and courses not listed above