Commencement FAQ

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On graduation day, where may I purchase flowers to honor a graduate?

Roses will be for sale by the local chapter of Mortar Board inside the Coleman Coliseum at the North and East Doors.  Roses will be available by the dozen [$30.00] or half-dozen [$20.00] on a first-come first-serve basis.  All sales are cash-only, and proceeds will go towards supporting student scholarships.  Mortar Board is the premier national honor society recognizing college seniors for superior achievement in scholarship, leadership and service.

What if I have additional questions?

Contact The Office of The University Registrar, 206 Student Services Center, telephone    (205) 348-8176, (205) 348-8178 or (205) 348-9511 or on the web at

What if I do not complete degree requirements or need to change my graduation date to a later semester?

Undergraduate candidates should contact their divisional Student Services Office for any questions about the status of their degree application. Graduate candidates should contact the Graduate School in the Rose Administration Building. Law students should contact their registrar's office at the Law Center. A new application must be submitted for each semester that the student is to be a candidate for the degree. A graduation fee is assessed with each application for graduation.

Can I prevent my name from appearing in the commencement program or being released to local newspapers in an announcement of graduates?

Yes. The University of Alabama presumes all candidates for a degree want their names recorded in the Commencement Program for sentimental, as well as, historical reasons. As a result, your name will appear in the University's Commencement Program (and be available for public dissemination) unless you request that a directory hold be placed on your account.  To request a directory hold, log into myBama and click on the Student tab.  Then, click on the Student Services folder > Student Records folder > Update Directory Information/Confidentiality Hold link.

Can I have my diploma mailed to an international address?

Yes but you will be charged the international shipping rate [UPS]. Contact The Office of The University Registrar, 206 Student Services Center, with complete address information, to include payment, two weeks prior to graduation.

When will diplomas be mailed?

Diplomas are mailed approximately 6-8 weeks after the graduation to the diploma address indicated by the student when completing the online degree application. It is the responsibility of the student to supply the correct diploma address.

In situations where diplomas are uncollected or returned as undeliverable, we will contact the student using his or her Crimson email address. Diplomas will be held for one calendar year after the graduation date of the student and then destroyed. Students must then order a re-issued diploma at the cost of a replacement diploma.

May I receive my diploma prior to the ceremony?

No. A degree is not automatically conferred simply upon completion of the academic requirements, but only after a full evaluation of such by the College of Enrollment AND upon the official action of the President of The University of Alabama. The President, empowered by The University of Alabama System Board of Trustees, acts once each term to grant degrees effective at the end of the term. Consequently, diplomas will not be released to degree candidates until after the commencement ceremony which officially represents the end of the term. According to The University of Alabama System Board of Trustees Board Manual rare exceptions are made for the most extenuating of circumstances, such as a degree being awarded posthumously.

Are diplomas presented at the commencement ceremony?

Candidates for doctoral degrees are presented their diploma directly following the ceremony. All other candidates are presented with a diploma cover. At the time of graduation, final grading and determination of degree requirement completion have not been finalized.  Diplomas for non-doctoral candidates will be mailed out 6-8 weeks following the commencement ceremonies.

How do I find out about local lodging for my guests?

Check out local lodging and restaurant listings at and or view our listing of local hotels and contact information here:  Lodging.

What if a candidate or a guest of a candidate needs special accommodations?

Candidates or guests of candidates requesting consideration for special accommodations or seating should first review the Commencement Instructions section found at for general information. If the information does not address your particular question, please email, call 205-348-2020, or send a letter to The Office of The University Registrar, Box 870134, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487 at least three weeks prior to the ceremony. The University of Alabama does not provide wheelchairs or escort service. Accessible seating areas are located off the main concourse level of Coleman Coliseum. One person may accompany the individual in the accessible seating area. The area is available on a first come basis; tickets are not required.

How do I get a cap and gown for the ceremony?

Academic regalia may be obtained during Graduation Cerebration in the Ferguson Center Plaza or from the University Supply Store located in the Ferguson Center. All candidates participating in the ceremony are asked to wear the official University of Alabama academic regalia  which can only be ordered through the University Supply store. More information can be found on the Supply Store's website here: or by contacting them at 205-348-6168 or 800-825-6802.

Are tickets required for the commencement ceremonies?

No. Tickets are not required for the university commencement ceremonies. See question "What if a candidate or a guest of a candidate needs special accommodations?" for additional information.

Do I have to tell anyone that I plan to attend the graduation ceremony?

Yes. When you completed the online degree application, you indicated whether or not you intend to participate in the ceremony.  Additionally, all applicants have the ability to check and/or change their initial response through myBama.  To check/change your initial response, log into myBama and go to the student tab.  Click on the Student Services folder, then Student Records, and finally the View Graduation Applications link.  After you select your application, you will be able to view your application and make any necessary changes.

How do I get information about the graduation ceremonies and events?

Instruction and information for graduate and undergraduate candidates will be emailed to your Crimson email approximately 4-6 weeks prior to graduation.

Information can also be found on the our website at

What do I need to do before I graduate?

File an Application for Degree Deadline:
  • Check with the Office of the University Registrar for the due date for filing a degree application. The degree application is now found online and is accessible through your myBama account.
Graduation Fees:
  • Undergraduate and Graduate degree candidates are assessed a graduation fee of $51.00. The fee is applied to the student account during the semester in which the student intends to graduate.
Major(s) and Minor(s):
  • Verify accuracy of your degree program, major, and/or minor information as contained in the Student Information System with your college/divisional Student Services Office. You may view current information by visiting your myBama website and selecting student transcript.
Full Legal Name:
  • Your name appears on your diploma as it appears in the student information system. Normally, educational records are maintained under a student's full legal name. This is First Name, Middle Initial/Middle Name, Last Name, and Suffix. For international student's the name will be the same as the one that appears on their passport and U.S. immigration documentation, including the Form I-20 certificate of eligibility for non-immigrant. When completing the online degree application, you will have the ability to edit your middle name and/or suffix as you see fit.  Any editing done during the application will only affect the name printed on your diploma.  It will not affect your official name in the student information system. You may contact the Office of the University of Registrar if you have additional questions.
  • Meet with your Advisor in your school/college for final requirement check
Current Diploma Address:
  • When you completed the online degree application, you indicated the address to which you wanted your diploma mailed.  To check/change the diploma address that was submitted on your application, log into myBama and go to the student tab.  Click on the Student Services folder, then Student Records, and finally the View Graduation Applications link.  After you select your application, you will be able to view your application and make any necessary changes to your diploma address.
Check Transcripts:
  • All transcripts from other institutions received in The Office of The University Registrar. If transfer work is not received in a timely manner, graduation for the term could be affected.
All Fees paid:
  • All past due financial obligations must be cleared prior to receiving your diploma. Diplomas and transcripts are held for those accounts not cleared prior to graduation.
Attend a Financial Aid or Loan Receivable Exit Interview:
  • If you borrowed from the Stafford/Direct loan program, attend a Financial Aid Exit Interview. Contact Loans Receivable for the time and location of the interviews. If not completed, transcripts and diplomas will be held until process cleared.

Who is eligible to participate in the ceremonies?

All degree candidates who have an application for degree in The Office of The University Registrar at the beginning of their last semester of enrollment are eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony held at the end of the specific term the student applied for graduation.

A degree candidate that cannot, because of extenuating circumstances, participate in the graduation ceremony held at the end of their last semester of enrollment may petition The Office of The University Registrar to participate in the next graduation ceremony immediately following their semester of graduation. Doctoral candidates must consult to with the Graduate School concerning participation at a later date.

Candidates are defined as those students who will complete their academic requirements for a degree during the current term and have applied for graduation through their respective college/school and the applications is on file in The Office of The University Registrar. The only steps remaining are a review of the candidate's transcript at the end of the current term to insure degree requirements have been fulfilled and for the degree to be deferred by the Board of Trustees. The purpose of the commencement ceremony is to recognize and celebrate these students' academic accomplishments.