Commencement Ceremony Decorum & Courtesy

The faculty and staff at The University of Alabama congratulate you on your academic achievement and wish to ensure the commencement ceremony will be a fitting conclusion to this phase of your education!

The University of Alabama Commencement ceremony is, by its very nature, a festive occasion. The festivity manifests itself in many ways including the dress of the students; the faculty adorned in academic regalia; and the warmth, joy and satisfaction of accomplishment.

The ceremony is also marked by dignity and seriousness where the actual conferring of degrees signifies long, hard work on the part of everyone involved: students, faculty, administrators, parents and spouses. As a consequence of the serious nature of the ceremony, students and guests are expected to maintain a measure of decorum consonant with the occasion.


  • Strollers and large bags, purses should be left in your automobile.
  • Pagers and cellular telephones should be placed in the "vibrate" mode or turned off during the entire ceremony.


  • Food and beverages are strictly prohibited.
  • Signs, fireworks, bottles, beach balls, cans, drugs, alcohol are strictly prohibited.
  • Noisemakers, e.g., marine air horns, trumpet, etc., are strictly prohibited.
  • Disability seating areas are for those people with disabilities as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. These areas are not appropriate for strollers and/or large bags. One person may be seated in this area with the person in need of disability seating.


    • Students are expected to wear appropriate clothing beneath their regalia.
    • Students and guests are expected to refrain from disruptive behavior.
    • Students are expected to return to their seats after the on stage presentation, and remain seated for the duration of the ceremony.
    • Students will not be allowed to carry small children or pets to the stage with them for the candidate presentation.
    • Family members and/or guests are not permitted on the arena floor.
    • The University of Alabama maintains the proud and historic tradition of permitting each degree candidate to shake hands with the President as his/her name is spoken. The last degree candidate is as important as the first. As a result, applause and other recognition of the conferring of degrees are expected to be limited to a joint effort at the conclusion of each graduation group.
    • Family and guests are expected to remain seated for the entire ceremony, refraining from leaving their seats in order to take pictures or to talk to graduates.