Academic Action

Scholastic Progress Standard

Students are expected to maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher on all work at The University of Alabama. When a student's grade point average falls below 2.0, the student may be placed on academic warning or suspension.

In order to monitor students' progress toward the baccalaureate degree, The University of Alabama employs the Scholastic Progress Standard (SPS). The SPS sets the minimum required grade point average (for all hours completed at The University of Alabama) for freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior students. Students are advised that these are minimum GPA requirements for continuing at the University; to meet divisional graduation requirements, higher grade point averages may be needed.

Required Minimum Grade Point Average on Work Attempted at The University of Alabama


Hours Earned* Minimum UA GPA
0 to 30 1.50
31 to 60 1.70
61 to 90 1.90
91 or more 2.00

*Includes transferred credit

Academic Probation And Academic Suspension

Academic Warning

  • A student will be given Academic Warning under two conditions: (a) if he or she has completed 12 hours or more with a semester GPA below 2.0; (b) if, based on 12 hours or more, he or she has a cumulative GPA below 2.0 but above the appropriate scholastic progress test (SPS).
  • The purpose of the Academic Warning is to alert the student to improve his or her academic performance and to introduce the student to available academic support.
  • Any student placed on Academic Warning must meet with his or her advisor by March 1 for warnings issued at the end of fall semester and by August 1 for warnings issued at the end of spring semester.
  • Students may be placed on Academic Warning at the end of the fall and spring semester.
  • Academic Warning does not restrict the student's ability to register for the upcoming semester or the interim and summer terms.

Academic Suspension

  • Any student whose cumulative GPA at the end of the spring semester is below the appropriate SPS will be suspended.
  • Students who are suspended will be allowed to enroll in interim and summer terms in order to improve their grade point average. If improvement results in compliance with the SPS, the student will be reinstated for the subsequent semester, but the previous suspension will be marked on the transcript.
  • The first suspension is for one semester. Subsequent suspensions are indefinite.
  • Students may appeal first or subsequent suspensions to their college's dean or dean's designee.
    • A student suspended for the first time must initiate this appeal by August 1. A waiver of the suspension does not alter the fact of the suspension and such will appear on the student's permanent academic transcript.
    • A student suspended for the second or subsequent time must appeal at least two weeks prior to the semester in which the student is seeking to enroll. A waiver of the suspension does not alter the fact of the suspension and such will appear on the student's permanent record.
    • All decisions on reinstatement are based on cumulative GPA, significant improvement in the most recent academic terms, feasibility of degree completion, individual circumstances, and previous agreements between the student and his or her academic college.
  • Students who are suspended are encouraged to use the time of the suspension in ways that assist their academic progress. Students may not attend class or enroll in correspondence courses. Students may study in order to finish courses in which they have earned incomplete (I) grades and may work with faculty members in this process. Students may also address other non-academic problems that have impeded their progress.

No appeals will be heard after classes have begun for the semester.