Final Exam Policy

The date and time of the final examination is determined by the first class meeting day and time of the course for the spring semester.

Final exams are administered according to the tentative exam schedule published at Students should consult the final exam schedule before making plans to leave the campus at the end of the semester. Students may petition to reschedule exams if the following circumstances occur:

  • A student has 3 or more exams schedule on the same day.
  • A student has 2 exams scheduled at the same time.

Students desiring to reschedule final exams due to three or more exams on one day or two exams scheduled at the same time must submit to their professor(s) documentation of their schedule. Priorities for rescheduling exam times are as follows:

  • Exams for lower level classes have priority. For example, a 100-level course has higher priority than a 200-level course. The student should petition the 200-level course instructor for rescheduling.
  • Exams for individual courses have higher priority than departmental exams regardless of level. The student with a conflict should petition the instructor of the course with the departmental exam for rescheduling. The exam is normally rescheduled for the time assigned to the individual course in the published examination schedule.
  • For 7:00 - 9:30 PM exam conflicts, the daytime course has higher priority than the 6:00 PM or later course. The student should petition the instructor of the evening course for rescheduling.
  • Exams are delivered in the classroom in which they were held during the academic year. Classrooms do not become open at the end of term for departments to decide where the final exam will be held.
  • All final exams must be scheduled in Astra.