Guidance for Processing Students Who Start Attending Again

All Faculty,

As you may already know, we have implemented the submission of the "NA" and "DO" grade for those student that have never attended or who stopped attending. The process is working well and we look forward to its continued use and to the benefits that we hope to derive from it.

Further, we realize that in certain situations, a student for whom a grade of "NA" or "DO" has been submitted, returns to class and is allowed to continue. In order for these students to be properly graded, we must process a removal of the "NA" or "DO" grade. In these cases, please send an email to and include the student's CWID along with the course number and section. The Office of the University Registrar will confirm the removal of the grade and/or inform you of any issues and proposed solutions.


Mark Nelson,
Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs