Online Posting of Midterm Grades

Can I assign grades using my computer at home?

Yes, however, online grade entry is a data intensive application. If you are connecting from home or other remote locations, it is important that you use a high speed connection such as DSL (Digital Subscribe Line) or cable modem. Using a dial-up connection could negatively affect the performance of the application, and in some cases it could result in incomplete data.

May I submit grades in paper format?

The web is the only available mechanism used to input final grades in mass volume.

I missed the deadline for submitting my midterm grades. How can I resolve this?

You can't.

I do not know my myBama username and password.

You may obtain your myBama username and set up a password by following the "Need an Account" link in the center of the myBama homepage. Follow the steps outlined there to retrieve this information. The PIN or PASSKEY requested is typically your date of birth in the MMDDYY format.

When I log into myBama to submit grades, I don't see one or all of my classes.

Contact your departmental secretary to make sure you were assigned as instructor of record for the course in the student information system. If this has not been done, then you will not be able to access the final grading menu for this section.

I want to assign a grade to a student, but the grade is not listed in the grade fields

The only grades that may be assigned are those grades listed in the grade field. The grade field lists grades in accordance with the approved course inventory record submitted by your academic department.

When I select a grade of "F" or "NC", why am I being asked for a Grade Reason and/or Last Attend Date?

If you assign a student a grade of "F" or "NC", additional information is required due to federal regulations.  For more information on non-attendance grading and what is required of instructors, please click here.


If you experience technical issues with the operation of the myBama site, please contact the Help Desk at (205) 348-5555 or If you have a question about grading, please contact The Office of The University Registrar at (205) 348-2020 or at