Guidance for Processing Students Who Start Attending Again

Effective fall 2014, a new, non-attendance grading procedure was implemented to replace "NA" and "DO" grading.  This process involves the requirement of specifying a reason when a grade of "F" or "NC" is assigned in order to determine whether the grade was earned or assigned because the student never attended or stopped attending class.

We realize that in certain situations, a student for whom a grade of "F" or "NC" has been submitted with a reason of Never Attended or Stopped Attending returns to class and is allowed to continue. In order for these students to be properly graded, we must process a removal of the "F" or "NC" grade with the non-attendance reason. Please follow the one of the two procedures as outlined below:

Student Returns Prior to the Last Day to Drop with a "W"

  • In this situation, the "F" or "NC" is still only reflected as a midterm grade and has not yet been transferred to a final grade and reflected on the transcript.
  • Return to the midterm grading screen on myBama and change the grade as you see fit.  You can assign any other letter grade or a grade of "F" or "NC" with a reason of Earned.  Just make sure that if the student is returning to class, the midterm grade is not a grade of "F" or "NC" with a reason of Never Attended or Stopped Attending.
  • Click the submit button at the bottom of the midterm grading screen to save your changes.

Student Returns After the Last Day to Drop with a "W"

  • In these cases, please send an email to and include the student's CWID along with the subject, course number,  section number and an explanation of the situation. The Office of the University Registrar will confirm the removal of the grade and/or inform you of any issues and proposed solutions.