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Important Dates for Summer/Fall 2015
Summer and Fall 2015
January 12th Summer and Fall schedule is rolled forward in Banner.
January 12th Summer is open in Astra and Banner for edits, event scheduling available for Summer.
January 12th-February 6th Fall is open for edits in Banner January 12th until February 6th. The Summer and Fall 2015 schedule is viewable to students in myBama on February 9th
February 6th Requests for Lloyd Hall, Russell Hall, and Farrah Auditoriums are due.
February 9th-February 27th Optimization and Room Scheduling begin in Astra on February 9th and ends February 27th.
March 2nd-March 13th Manual Adjustments are made in Banner/Astra.
March 30th Event Scheduling is open for Fall term.
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