Release of Educational Information

The University is prohibited by law from disclosing information from a student's education record, even to a parent/guardian, unless the student is claimed as a dependent on current tax forms or the student consents in writing to our release of information to a specific individual or individuals.

If your student verifies that he/she was claimed as a dependent on the IRS tax form filed during the current tax year, then the University is not prohibited from disclosing to you information from your student's educational record, including grades, schedule, class attendance, and transcript. However, this declaration of dependency status is valid for only that current tax year. Your student may verify dependency on a Record Release Form.

If your student does not verify dependency, you may submit to the Office of Academic Records & the University Registrar written notification that you are the legal guardian of the named student and that you claim said student on state and federal income tax reports as a dependent. Please include a copy of the dependent section for the current year of both the state and federal tax return forms. This notification must be NOTARIZED by a current notary public. Like the declaration, this certification of dependency is valid for only that current tax year.

Your student may also simply consent in writing to release information via the use of a GENERAL STUDENT RELEASE form.

  • In addition, the university may disclose to you:
    • Information regarding your student's violation of university drug and alcohol policies.
    • Final results of a disciplinary proceeding if your student is disciplined for a crime of violence or a non-forcible sex offense.
    • Information ordered to be released by a subpoena.
    • Information necessary to protect the health or safety of your student or other individuals.