Requests by Internet

To request a transcript anytime, from virtually anywhere, current students, former students, and alumni may order transcripts on-line 24/7 using the TranscriptsPlusT System (Credentials System). Payment must be made by credit card. To use the system, click on the link below. Credentials is a vendor that provides this service through an agreement with The University of Alabama. The charge for this service is $10.00 per transcript. The service is secure and encrypted.

  • Key features
    • 24/7 access. The student can enter the request around the clock from the comfort of his/her own PC from anywhere in the world.
    • Faster service. Records from fall semester 1983 to present can be mailed within one business day. Records prior to fall semester 1983 will be mailed within three business days.
    • Easy address look-up. A pull down menu will provide the addresses of many schools.
    • Exact addressing. The student puts the address in exactly as they want it to appear. No risk of typographical errors or inability to read a hand written address.
    • Release Form on-line. Student types the required information onto a web form instead of printing out a form and completing it by hand. If the requestor doesn't have an active UA internet account, he/she can print off and sign the form that is already filled out.
    • Easy checking. The student can look on-line 24/7 to make sure the transcript has been printed. If express mail service was used, they can view the tracking number. If there is a problem in processing, the student will receive an e-mail notification and can see what the problem is immediately, without waiting for the mailed notification.
    • Exact pricing. The student is told immediately what the total cost will be, and can pay by credit card. The student doesn't have to worry about delays due to paying the wrong amount.
    • Communication channel. An e-mail is sent to the student each time that there is a status change in their transcript order. From receipt of the order to notice when the transaction is completed, the student is automatically notified each step of the way. This becomes especially important if there are any problems with the order such as holds or encumbrances.
  • Current Students
    • Sign in to myBama
    • Click on the "Student" tab
    • Find the "Banner Self Services" channel
    • Click on "Student Services"->"Student Records"->"Order Official Transcript"
  • Former Students/Alumni