Text Messaging Notifications

In the past year, the Office of University Registrar has received many calls from you regarding information associated with our processing of your transcript order. For those you using the on-line service, this information had previously been communicated to you via email or fax. It is our belief that you are checking email less frequently or only upon returning home at the end of the day and therefore are not getting order status information on a timely basis.

Given the widespread use of "text" messaging these days, the Office of University Registrar decided to take advantage of this new and emerging communication channel as a way of enhancing customer service. Therefore, effectively immediately, the Office of University Registrar has added the optional ability for you to provide the Office of University Registrar with their cell phone number and the name of their service provider when ordering their transcript on-line. If this information is entered on the order screen, the Office of University Registrar will send an email "text" message to your cell phone, in addition to providing traditional email/fax communication to them.

Because the amount of text that the Office of University Registrar can send in a message to cell phones is rather limited, the Office of University Registrar is still requiring an email address or fax number. Many communications such as disclosure of financial hold problems, instructions for resolution of problems, authorization forms, and receipts still require an extensive amount of text. The "text" messaging feature will be used to send a duplicate message to the student's cell phone for a variety of events that can occur in transcript processing. Some examples of notification "events" that will be available via text messaging include the following:

  • Automatic authorization notification
  • Completion of Transcript Order
  • Failed Credit Card
  • Financial Hold, or other problem
  • Fed-Ex Delivery Confirmation
  • Authorization Form Processed
  • Reminder for authorization (only sent during 10 days after entry of order)
  • Order Cancelled

The Office of University Registrar hopes that you share our enthusiasm for this new feature and take advantage of our 24/7 on-line transcript ordering system via the web.