Transfer Credit FAQ

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I failed courses at another institution. Will those be posted to my UA record when I transfer?

Yes, all courses that are acceptable for transfer will be posted to a student’s UA record, regardless of grade.  However, some courses may require a minimum grade in order to be applicable to UA's core curriculum requirements and/or degree program requirements.  A student should consult with their academic advisor about requirements specific to a degree program.

How do transfer courses impact my GPA?

Grades earned on transfer courses are posted to the UA record and are factored into the student’s Overall GPA.  Transfer courses do not factor into the student’s UA GPA.  You can find a detailed explanation of both the Overall GPA and the UA GPA in the online catalog here.  Please note that only the UA GPA is used in the determination of academic standing (suspension or warning) and the determination of Latin Honors at the time of graduation.  A student must have at least a 2.00 UA GPA and Overall GPA for graduation; however, some majors/degree programs may require a higher minimum GPA.  A student should consult their academic advisor about requirements specific to a degree program.

How do I get credits taken at another institution transferred to UA?

Students are required to submit official transcripts for all postsecondary institutions attended.  To transfer coursework to UA, the student must request that the transferring institution submit an official transcript to the Office of the University Registrar Box 870134 Tuscaloosa, AL 35487.  UA will accept electronic transcripts that are submitted directly from the sending institution in a format that the sending institution has certified as being 'official'.  These are normally sent through a third-party provider such as the National Student Clearinghouse, Parchment, or eSCRIP-SAFE.  Electronic submissions by the transferring institution or through these third-party providers can be made to  UA will not accept electronic copies of transcripts sent directly from the student.  Transcripts can be accepted in person at the front desk of the Registrar’s Office (Room 206, Student Services Building) as long as the transcript is presented in a sealed envelope in a format that the sending institution has certified as being 'official'.

Is there a way for me to find out how the courses I took at another institution will transfer to UA?

Students can visit the Transfer Credit Equivalency Tables here to see course listings by transfer institution.  This table displays a list of courses from the selected institution that have already been evaluated by UA for an equivalency.  These tables do not represent an exhaustive list of all courses from the selected institution that are transferrable to UA.  Courses that have not been previously evaluated by UA will be evaluated at the time that a student transfers the course to UA.  If you would like to request that a course be added to the Transfer Credit Equivalency Tables, please email to request an evaluation of the course.  In the email please provide the transfer institution's name and location, the course id and title, as well as any supporting documentation you may have such as a course description and/or syllabus.  A Transfer Credit Evaluator will then evaluate the course and inform you of the UA equivalency.

I did well in some of my classes and not in others. Can I only transfer the courses that I did well in?

No, a student is not able to pick and choose which courses to transfer.  All undergraduate courses received that are acceptable for transfer will be posted to the student’s UA record.

I am a Graduate student, how do I get credit for graduate level courses completed at another institution?

Graduate students must contact the Graduate School directly to inquire about transferring credits.  That office can be reached at 205-348-5921 or

Once my transfer credits have been posted to my UA record, where can I see them?

Transfer credit posted to a student's UA record can be viewed on the student's Academic Transcript within myBama.  From the Student Tab, expand the Student Services folder in the Banner Self Service channel on the upper left side of the page.  From the Student Services menu, expand the Student Records folder and click the Academic Transcript link.  Once your credits are posted, they are immediately viewable in myBama on your Academic Transcript.  Additionally, any credits posted to your record will be applied to your DegreeWorks audit overnight and will be viewable the next day.

I see that some of my transfer credits are posted but several of my courses are not showing. Why did you only accept some of my courses?

UA maintains a course equivalency database for transfer courses that have already been evaluated by UA.  Incoming coursework that has been previously evaluated will be posted to your record as soon as the transcript is received and processed.  Incoming courses that have not been previously evaluated will not be posted until a UA equivalency is determined.  Please allow processing time for the evaluation and subsequent posting of the coursework.  Once the UA equivalency has been determined, the course will be posted to your record and viewable through myBama on the unofficial transcript.  Admitted and current UA students can see how their transfer credit is fulfilling degree requirements by viewing DegreeWorks.  To see a list of courses for which UA currently has equivalencies, please visit the Transfer Course Equivalency Tables here.