When a course is proposed to be slash-listed for undergraduate and graduate credit, the divisional review committee should ensure that the undergraduate and graduate requirements and instruction are clearly differentiated. Graduate level courses should require a greater degree of analysis, synthesis and evaluation of knowledge or skills than undergraduate courses as well as greater depth and independence. These differences should be reflected in the course syllabus and in the catalog description. Only 400 level courses may be slash-listed with 500 level graduate courses unless there is compelling justification for slash listing other undergraduate course with graduate level.


Cross-listing – Courses may be cross-listed across course symbols (subjects/departments) if they:

    • Meet at the same time, in the same place, with the same instructor.
    • Have the same course level (the same first digit in the course number field).
    • Incorrect cross-listed courses will be uncross-listed by Academic Scheduling.
    • Both courses must have the same number of credit hours

Slash-listing – Courses may be slash-listed if they:

    • Meet at the same time, in the same place, with the same instructor.
    • One has a course number of 4** and the other has a course number of 5** (Only senior level and Master’s level).
    • Cannot slash-list a senior level with a PhD level (i.e. 4** with 6**).
    • Must be considered equivalent in BANNER. If not, then a course inventory form must be submitted.
    • If you wish to put two different courses in the same room but are not allowed to be either cross-listed or slash-listed then they must be “Linked” together in Astra by an Academic Scheduler. (i.e. all AY 101 labs into GL 200)
    • Please follow all the guidelines to creating a cross-list outlined in the Training documents section on the scheduling website.
    • Incorrect slash-listed courses will be un-slash-listed by Academic Scheduling.
    • Slash listed courses cannot have different credit hours between undergraduate and graduate offerings.

Note: The cross listing definition does not allow for different sections of the same course to be cross-listed. Nor does it allow for different courses of the same level to be cross-listed.

Note 2: Exceptions to the cross-list definition are online and E-Army courses. Example, ARH 252 901/909. Online courses have sections numbers of 901-904; E-Army courses have section numbers of 990.

Note: This policy has been vetted through The Office of the University Registrar, Academic Affairs and The Office of Institutional Research.