Code Department Designation
0 Undeclared
AC Accounting
ACAD Academic Affairs
ADEL Administration Educ Leadership
AE Aerospace Engineering
AEM Aerospace Engineer & Mechanics
AIR Air Force Studies
ALL ALL Departments
AMS American Studies
ANT Anthropology
APR Advertising & Public Relations
ART Art and Art History
BA Book Arts
BCH Biochemistry
BEHS Behavioral Studies
BFC Broadcast & Film Communication
BSC Biological Sciences
CBH Computer Based Honors
CD Communicative Disorders
CE Civil Constructn Environm Engr
CH Chemistry
CHE Chemical & Biol Engineering
CHS Community Health Sciences
CJ Criminal Justice
CLC Critical Languages Center
COM Communication Studies
COOP Cooperative Education Program
CRM Community and Rural Medicine
CS Computer Science
CSM Consumer Sciences
CTD Clothing Textiles & Design
CTED Continuing Education
CURI Curriculum & Instruction
DOAS Dean’s Office – AS
DOCB Dean’s Office – CB
DOCE Dean’s Office -CE
DOCH Dean’s Office – CH
DOCM Dean’s Office – CM
DOED Dean’s Office – ED
DOEG Dean’s Office – EG
DOGR Dean’s Office – GR
DOHS Dean’s Office – HS
DOLW Dean’s Office – LW
DOSW Dean’s Office – SW
DR Engineering Drawing
ECE Electrical & Computer Engr
ECFI Economics Finance Legal Study
EE Electrical Engineering
EH English
ELI English Language Institute
ELPT Educ Leader Policy Tech Study
EMS Emergency Medicine
EN English
ESM Engineering Science Mechanics
ESPR Educ Stdy Psych Res Meth Couns
ETP Engineering Technology Program
EXD External Degree Program
FAED Fine Arts Education
FN Food and Nutrition
GE General Education
GEAS General Arts & Sciences
GECB General Business
GECM General Communications
GEED General Education
GEGR General Graduate
GEO Geological Sciences
GES General Engineering Studies
GNRU German & Russian
GY Geography & Planning
HC Honors Program
HD Human Development Family Stdy
HE General Home Economics
HES General Human Envir Sciences
HLS Health Science
HPER Health Human Performance Study
HY History
IE Industrial Engineering
INS International Studies
JN Journalism
KINE Kinesiology
LAS Latin American Studies
LS Library Services
MA Mathematics
MATH Mathematics
MBY Microbiology
MC Communication & Info Sciences
ME Mechanical Engineering
MGMK Management & Marketing
MGST Info Syst Stats & Mgt Science
MH Engineering Mechanics
MIL Military Science
MIN Mineral Engineering
MLC Modern Languages Classics
MS Marine Science
MSC Miscellaneous
MTE Metallurgical & Materials Engr
MUED Music Education
MUS Music (Applied & Theory)
NEW New College
NHM Human Nutritn Hospitality Mgt
NSE Capstone Internatl Prog & NSE
NUR Nursing
PHAY Physics and Astronomy
PHL Philosophy
PROS Professional Studies (ED)
PSC Political Science
PY Psychology
REL Religious Studies
ROML Romance Languages
SC Speech Communication
SOC Sociology
SPE Special Education
SPMA Special Educ & Multi Abilities
SW Social Work
TCF Telecommunication & Film
TEED Teacher Education
THDN Theatre & Dance
UEG Undesignated Engineering
UH University Honors
WS Women Studies