The following event scheduling policy is applicable for when classes are in session.  When classes are not in session, events may be requested up to nine months in advance.

In keeping with the University of Alabama’s classroom scheduling policy, similar parameters must be used in booking events of academic and non academic activities.

Astra Schedule is the only software program used at the University of Alabama for booking of events and any event that is scheduled in a secondary system will not be considered official by the department that controls the building, nor the Office of the University Registrar.

Requesting a Room for an Event:

  • All requests for rooms must go through the appropriate Academic Division that controls the requested building. Click here for a list of contacts by Academic Division. Each department will take the request and the Office Associate responsible for the booking will enter the event into Astra making it official. It is the responsibility of the event requestor to arrange with the department access to the rooms if the event happens to fall outside of normal University of Alabama hours of operation. This would include, but is not limited to, keys, access cards or IT support. Note: Academic requirements normally take precedence over event scheduling.

Academic Buildings:

  • Academic buildings are intended for the primary use and benefit of the academic programs conducted therein. Use of these buildings for academic purposes shall be under the direction and control of the Dean responsible for the respective academic building. Any registered student organization affiliated with and sponsored by an academic department may request the use of space in academic buildings for specific purposes. These purposes may include, but are not limited to, regular meetings of honorary or professional organizations, lectures, seminars, or workshops, and special programs, e.g., band functions. The space must be reserved through the Event Scheduler responsible for the academic building in accordance with that office’s requirements. No recurring space assignments will be made during final examination periods unless by special permission from the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. Academic use by departments and colleges has priority over other uses, and organization assignments may be changed or canceled if conflicts with regular academic programs develop.
  • Registered student organizations not affiliated with, or sponsored by, academic departments may request the use of space in academic facilities. This space will be assigned on a limited basis under the following conditions:
    1. No suitable space is available in the Ferguson Center.
    2. The intended use is in keeping with the educational purposes of the University.
    3. The intended use does not conflict with the use by academic programs or academic organizations or uses of a registered student organization as described in section a above.