After the Registration/Drop/Add Date of the semester/term has closed, additions to approved schedules require the permission of the instructor (or, with the instructor’s concurrence, a representative as appointed by the department) and the approval of the Dean/Director of the student’s enrollment unit (college/school) or the designated representative of the Dean/Director. The instructor’s permission, in whatever form the enrollment unit chooses, will be retained in the student’s enrollment unit (college/school) for one year. The student’s enrollment unit (college/school) will submit a processing request to the Office of the University Registrar.

After the Last Day to Drop a course with a Grade of “W” for the semester/term, additions to approved schedules will not be permitted. Exceptions will be granted only by petition. Petitions must be filed with the authorized representative of the dean or director of the enrollment unit. Petitions will be approved only on the basis of clearly documented clerical error or unusual and extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control.