The rules regarding residency for tuition purposes at The University of Alabama are governed by the The University of Alabama Residency for Tuition Purposes Policy, which is based on Alabama Code Subsection 16, Title 64 and The University of Alabama System Board Rule 202.

Before submitting an application for residency reclassification, students are strongly encouraged to review the information on this page, the University’s Residency Policy, and the Frequently Asked Questions page, which explain the criteria for qualifying for in-state status. 

Anyone eligible to receive or who is receiving military education benefits is encouraged to contact the Office of Veteran and Military Affairs (205-348-0983) to discuss benefits eligibility and requirements as they relate to residency.

What students need to know about Alabama residency for purposes of tuition and fees:

  1. The standard for residency makes it extremely difficult for most undergraduates who do not have a parent domiciled in Alabama to qualify for classification as a resident at The University of Alabama.
  2. Your resident or nonresident classification is determined for purposes of tuition and fees at the point of admission to The University of Alabama.
  3. Alabama residency for the purpose of tuition and fees is centered on one’s legal domicile. For this policy, a domicile is defined as the place a man or woman has voluntarily fixed the habitation of himself/herself, not for a mere special or temporary purpose, but with the intention of making a permanent home. In regards to that definition, the pursuit of an education is considered a special or temporary purpose. Furthermore, intention cannot be anecdotal or emotional in nature. Intention must be demonstrated clearly with the appropriate supporting documentation.
  4. If you are an undergraduate under the age of 24 and your parent(s) are not Alabama residents as defined by this policy, it is unlikely that you will be able to qualify as an Alabama resident for purposes of tuition and fees.
  5. The term ‘resident’ in the Residency Policy for Tuition Purposes comes from the University’s residence regulations and differs from other definitions of Alabama residency. For example, a person who is an Alabama resident for tax or voting purposes will not necessarily be a resident for purposes of tuition and fees. Financial Aid definitions of ‘resident’ may also differ. These other definitions of ‘resident’ do not confer in-state residency for purposes of tuition and fees.
  6. You do not become a resident for purposes of tuition and fees simply by living in Alabama for twelve months or more. The length of time you attend The University of Alabama or live in the state of Alabama is not the sole or primary determining factor of residency. If you are in Alabama solely or primarily for educational purposes (as demonstrated by registering for a full-time course load at UA within the last 12 months), you will not be eligible for resident classification, regardless of the length of your time in Alabama.
  7. Second or multiple properties in Alabama do not sufficiently demonstrate the standard for Residency for Tuition Purposes.
  8. You normally cannot establish Alabama residency for purposes of tuition and fees while maintaining ties to another state or country (e.g. state tax liability, driver’s license, voter’s or vehicle registration). Further, if you have moved to Alabama primarily to attend The University of Alabama, you are here for educational purposes and so are not eligible for reclassification for purposes of tuition and fees.
  9. In order to establish residency in Alabama for purposes of tuition and fees, you must have the legal ability to establish a permanent domicile in the United States, meaning that you must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States or hold a valid, qualifying non-immigrant visa as indicated in the International section of the policy.
  10. It is your burden to prove, clearly and convincingly, that you have satisfied all applicable requirements in the Residency Policy for Tuition and Fees.
  11. Personal circumstances not pertaining to the Residency for Tuition Purposes policy, such as academic merit and financial hardship cannot be considered in evaluating whether or not you are able to qualify for Alabama residency for purposes of tuition and fees.
  12. Only specifically authorized personnel within the Office of the University Registrar at The University of Alabama are qualified to answer questions or make a determination about residency for tuition purposes. Other University personnel are NOT authorized to supply information relative to residency requirements for tuition purposes.

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