Abbreviation Designation
AB Alston Hall
AD Adams Hall
AIME Alabama Institute Manufacturing Excellence
ALH Autherine Lucy Hall
BC B. B. Comer Hall
BCDC Judy Bonner Child Development Center
BD Bidgood Hall
BE Bevill
BL Bruno Library/Bashinsky Computer Center
BOM Bureau of Mines
BR Oliver – Barnard Hall
BRYH Bryant Hall
BW Barnwell Hall
CA Carmichael Hall
CCN Capstone College of Nursing Building
CL Clark Hall
CM 700 Building
DI Dauphin Island
DO Doster Hall
EA East Annex
EB English Building
FA Farrah Hall
FO Foster Auditorium
GA Garland Hall
GL Gallalee Hall
GP Gordon Palmer Hall
HC H. M. Comer (Mineral Industries Building)
HN Honors Hall
HO Houser Hall
HR Hardaway Hall
HW Hewson Hall
JENG John England Jr. Hall
LB Gorgas Library
LI Little Hall
LW Law Center
LY Lloyd Hall
MC Coleman Coliseum
ML McClure Library
MM Moody Music Building
MP Martha Parham Hall (Continuing Education)
MSB Math & Science Education Building
NA Natatorium
NERC North Engineering Research Center
NL North Lawn Hall
OS Osband
PATY Paty Hall
PH Reese Phifer Hall
PRH Presidents Hall
RH Russell Hall
RJ Rowand-Johnson Building
RL Rodgers’ Library for Science and Engineering
RS Rose Administration Building
SC The Stallings Center
SEC Science and Engineering Complex
SERC South Engineering Research Center
SCF Scientific Collections Facility
SHLB Shelby Hall
SM Smith Hall
SR Student Recreation Center
SS Student Services Center
TB To Be Announced
TH Ten Hoor Hall
TT Temple Tutwiler (Old Alumni)
TN Tennis Courts
TU Tuomey Hall
TW Julia Tutwiler Hall
WD Wade Hall
WI Wilson Hall
WO Woods Hall