Spring 2024 Important Scheduling Dates
July 5th Spring term is open for edits in CLSS. Colleges and departments may assign sections to non-optimized classrooms within their scheduling units.
September 5th & 6th Validation Days – All scheduling units must validate their Spring schedules as they will be switched to Refine Mode and bridged to Banner.
September 6th Deadline for all Spring term edits in CLSS. All scheduling units should validate their Spring schedules by this deadline as they will be switched to Refine Mode and bridged to Banner. Deadline to submit requests for Lloyd 16/16M to schedule@ua.edu.
September 8th Spring syllabi available to faculty for editing in Simple Syllabus.
September 11th – September 15th Optimization and room scheduling in Astra.
September 18th – October 1st Manual adjustments made within CLSS/Astra.
October 2nd Spring schedule of classes viewable to students in myBama.
October 2nd For requests submitted on or after this date, OUR will begin reserving all classrooms, auditoriums, and seminar rooms at the shared space seat fill with the exceptions of Law, Nursing, and the Moody Music Building.
October 30th Registration for Spring 2024 begins.
October 31st Event scheduling in Astra open for Spring term.
October 31st All final exams should be booked for FALL finals.