Important Dates for Spring 2019

August 31st  – Deadline for all Spring edits in CLSS.

Spring 2019
July 9th Spring term is open for edits in CLSS.
August 31st Deadline for all Spring term edits in CLSS. All scheduling units should validate their Spring schedules by this deadline as they will be switched to Refine Mode in CLSS and bridged to Banner.
August 31st Room requests for Houser Hall, Lloyd Hall, North Lawn Hall, Russell Hall, and Farrah Auditoriums are due.
September 5th-September 28th Optimization and Room Scheduling in Astra.
September 10th Spring schedule of classes are viewable to students in myBama.
October 1st-October 12th Manual adjustments made within CLSS/Astra.
October 29th Registration for Spring 2019 begins
October 31st Event scheduling in Astra open for Spring term.
November 1st All final exams should be booked for FALL finals.