The University of Alabama awards degrees and holds Commencement exercises in May, August and December. To see dates and times for upcoming ceremonies, please refer to the Academic Calendar. For information on the commencement ceremony, please visit the Commencement website.

All students are required to submit a degree application in order to graduate. The degree application should be filed for the term in which the student expects to complete all degree requirements. For students pursuing multiple degrees, a degree application is required for each individual degree.

  • File an Application for Degree Online
    • Check the Office of the University Registrar Academic Calendar for the due date for filing a degree application. The degree application is found online and is accessible through your myBama account. Once in myBama, click on the Student tab from the left side menu. Click on the Apply to Graduate icon in the center of the page.
  • Full Legal Name
    • Your name appears on your diploma as it appears in the student information system. Normally, educational records are maintained under a student’s full legal name. This is First Name, Middle Initial/Middle Name, Last Name, and Suffix. For international student’s the name will be the same as the one that appears on their passport and U.S. immigration documentation, including the Form I-20 certificate of eligibility for non-immigrant. When completing the online degree application, you will have the ability to edit your middle name and/or suffix as you see fit. Any editing done during the application will only affect the name printed on your diploma. It will not affect your official name in the student information system. You may contact the Office of the University of Registrar if you have additional questions.
  • Current Diploma Address
    • When you completed the online degree application, you indicated the address to which you wanted your diploma mailed. To check/change the diploma address that was submitted on your application, log into myBama and go to the student tab. Click on the Student Services folder, then Student Records, and finally the View Graduation Applications link. After you select your application, you will be able to view your application and make any necessary changes to your diploma address.
  • Transfer Credit
    • All official transcripts from other institutions need to be sent to The Office of The University Registrar. If transfer work is not received in a timely manner, graduation for the term could be affected.
  • All Fees Paid
    • All past due financial obligations must be cleared prior to receiving your diploma. Diplomas and transcripts are held for those accounts not cleared prior to graduation.
  • Attend a Financial Aid or Loan Receivable Exit Interview
    • If you borrowed from the Stafford/Direct loan program, complete a Financial Aid Exit Interview. You can find the link for exit counseling on the Student Account Services (link- homepage. If not completed, transcripts and diplomas will be held until process cleared.
Graduate and Undergraduate degree candidates are assessed a graduation fee of $51.00. The fee is charged to the student account during the semester for which the student has applied to graduate. Degree candidates whose application is denied will be refunded all but a $10.00 processing fee. It is the responsibility of the student to submit a new graduation application for a future term if an application is denied. A fee will be assessed for each graduation application submitted. Students should refer to the Academic Calendar for graduation application deadlines for each semester.
Only after petition and approval by the student’s college will an application be accepted after the published deadline. If approved, the student will be assessed a $25 non-refundable late fee in addition to the aforementioned graduation fee.

To complete the requirements of the Honors College, all students are required to earn at least 18 hours of Honors credit, including at least six hours of Honors Foundation courses, and graduate with an overall GPA of at least 3.3. Students must apply for graduation with the Honors College in addition to their official UA graduation application in order to have Honors designations displayed on their transcript and official graduation documents.

The University of Alabama Honors College
Phone: 205-348-5500

After the Final Grade Entry deadline published on the Academic Calendar, colleges will begin auditing all pending degree candidates for that term. Degrees will be awarded for pending candidates who meet all requirements and a notification will be sent to the Crimson email account. The degree becomes immediately viewable on the transcript once awarded. Degree applications will be denied for pending candidates who have not met all degree requirements by the end of that term and a notification will be sent to the Crimson email account.

Students have until the Degree Completion Deadline published on the Academic Calendar to resolve any outstanding issues related to their academic record and ensure they have met all requirements for degree. This includes issues related to transfer work, substitutions/exceptions, grade changes, withdrawals, etc. If all requirements are not met by the published deadline, the degree application will be denied and the student will be required to apply for graduation in a subsequent term. Degrees will only be awarded at the end of the term in which the student earned the necessary credits to satisfy all degree requirements.

All degrees will be either awarded or denied by the Degree Completion Deadline; no degrees will be awarded after the published deadline. It is the responsibility of the degree candidate to ensure all requirements are met by the published deadline.

Diplomas, contingent upon final grade submission and degree verification, will be mailed to the diploma address specified on the online degree application by the Diploma Ship Day published on the Academic Calendar.

Diploma Mailing Address
To check and/or change the diploma address that was submitted on your application, log into myBama and go to the student tab. Click the “Graduation App” button in the Student Services channel and then click “View Graduation Applications” at the bottom of the page. Select your degree application(s) and follow the instructions on the page.

Past Due Balance
Diplomas and transcripts are not released until all unpaid balances of any nature on the student account are paid in full. The same applies for a student that has unfulfilled requirements associated with Perkins Loans. Contact Student Account Services at (205) 348-5350 for account information and to clear holds, if applicable. After the Diploma Ship Date published on the Academic Calendar, students are responsible for notifying the Office of the University Registrar once their student account is cleared. Notification should be submitted via email to or by calling 205-348-2020. The diploma will not be mailed until notification is received.

Undeliverable Diploma
When a diploma is returned as undeliverable, the Office of the University Registrar will contact the student using the Crimson email address. Diplomas will be held for one calendar year after the graduation date and will then be destroyed. Students must then order a re-issued diploma at the cost of a replacement diploma.

Damaged Diploma
When a diploma is received damaged, the student should notify the Office of the University Registrar at immediately. The damaged diploma should be returned to the office using the mailing address at the bottom of this page. Once received, a new diploma will be shipped at no charge to the student. Students have 60 days after the Diploma Ship Date published on the Academic Calendar to report a damaged diploma. After that time, a student must order a re-issued diploma at the cost of a replacement diploma.