The University of Alabama now offers Certified Electronic Diplomas (CeDiploma).

Key Benefits

  • More than a paper credential.
    1. An official, portable, and verifiable electronic version of your accomplishment that can be shared for a lifetime!
  • Better than a standard PDF of your diploma.
    1. Each CeDiploma holds a 12-digit CeDiD* (see the “Features” tab above).
    2. Using Validation Services (see the “Validation” tab above), your CeDiD is the key to your credential information for employers, agencies, and more.
  • Different from a transcript.
    1. Unlimited sharing with employers, family, friends, and social media.
    2. Similar value as a transcript as proof of education, but shows only the important details.
    3. Simple for employers and organizations to read and understand.
  • Enhance your resume.
    1. Provide your CeDiD* and a link to the Validation page on your resume to highlight your achievement and expedite the verification process for potential employers.
  • Highly Secure
    1. Each CeDiploma can be independently validated through the Office of the University Registrar website by future employers, government agencies, and any other entity that wishes to validate your achievement.
    2. The document is Digitally Signed and encrypted such that it is trusted and more readily accepted.
    3. For security reasons, the electronic credential cannot be printed.

*CeDiD (Certified Electronic Document Identifier)

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Only available for degrees awarded December 2017 and forward.
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