Our Mission Statement

In support of the university mission, The Office of The University Registrar is to help students enroll and then succeed by providing world-class customer service to faculty, staff, students, their families, and other stakeholders; with a particular emphasis toward processes related to academic records, academic progress, enrollment data, classroom support, and academic certification. We will accomplish this mission by striving toward excellence in everything we do, challenging ourselves to be as efficient and effective as possible in our work, seeking out new and better ways of doing business for ourselves and the publics we serve, and creating an environment in the office and on campus which encourages growth, supports academics, respects people and differences, promotes communication and participation, and cultivates a performance culture.


Enhancing the academic experience by building a respected, world-class customer service centered team.


The UA community — students, the faculty, college & department offices, the administration, the alumni, and the Office of Enrollment Management.


Professionals taking pride in being responsive!


  • Satisfy customer needs.
  • Enable office personnel to excel.
  • Import technology.
  • Import continuous process improvement.
  • Optimize use of available resources.
  • Operate/sustain a quality workspace environment.


  • The organization must be:
    • Purposeful – committed, in partnership with its constituents, to the educational mission.
    • Open – committed to free expression with civility.
    • Just – committed to equality of opportunity.
    • Disciplined – committed to a shared outcome achieved through shared support.
    • Caring – committed to the value of the individual.
    • Celebrative – committed to the affirmation of traditions and rituals, old and new.
  • Individual core values must include:
    • Integrity – doing what’s right even when no one is looking.
    • Service – uncommon dedication to our customers.
    • Excellence – excellence in all that we do.
    • Self-Discipline – knowing what needs to be done and doing it.
    • Accountability – taking full credit for one’s successes, as well as, one’s failures.
    • Teamwork – enthusiastically participating.

The two joined by flexibility and adaptability.