The Office of Academic Affairs’ goal for booking courses is to reach 85% capacity or higher into each classroom and maximize the building’s available times. Scheduling for this building is solely done through the Office of the University Registrar by contacting with your request.

The booking policy is as follows:

Once the schedule rolls for the following semesters the regular booking period in your region (two weeks) commences. After that period the rooms in your region open to general booking for four weeks. The requests for the use of rooms in North Lawn Hall, Lloyd Hall, Houser Hall, Russell Hall, or the Farrah auditoriums will be due by the last day of that two week period. That exact date will be provided by the Office of the University Registrar during the schedule roll. Once the final booking date has arrived the Office of the University Registrar will notify submitters of the results of their requests.

North Lawn, Houser, Lloyd, Russell, and the Farrah auditoriums will strictly employ an 85% booking minimum for all courses based on historical enrollment in the requested class. Given that there are a number of large classrooms and in light of the expanding population of UA we cannot afford to book a course of 30 into a classroom that holds 66. Courses that request less used times will be more likely to receive a favorable booking. There will be zero ownership of a classroom from one semester to another and successful booking in Lloyd, Russell, or Farrah one semester does not necessarily guarantee permanent placement in the building in subsequent semesters.

As there will be many requests we must try to accommodate as many departments as we can to be equitable.

If you have any questions please email us at